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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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al-jazeera. every us. brazil suns troops toots border with venezuela after hundreds of venezuelan migrants are driven out of town by and you live. alone all coming devika pollen you're watching algis there live from london also coming up the rain has eased but the misery is far from over and india's floods hit carola more than seven hundred thousand people are living in relief camps.
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they did is an island of lombok is hit by another strong earthquake triggering landslides and panic on the streets plus we all recognize the significance but to be honest right now isn't our view i feel nothing but exciting. the cost is all asians the director and executive producer we look at the film taking hollywood by storm. we begin in latin america where tensions over migration are boiling over brazil is sending troops to its border with venezuela after hundreds of migrants were won out of town by locals dozens of resilience attacked two makeshift camps and. in packer i'm aware at least a thousand of venezuelans have been living they've burned belongings and set fire to one of the sites cheering as the venezuelans were forced to cross back over the border residents say the violence began off to several migrants robbed
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a shop local shop owner tens of thousands of venezuelans have now fled into brazil in the past three years they're escaping the moment and political crisis back home . i was on the ramp at the joins us live from colombia's capital bogota where he's monitoring events in the region for us alessandro can you tell us about this what's been happening in brazil and across the border into venezuela. well it did yeah clear that the situation seems to be getting out of control in many of these border crossings in colombia every deal and also now in ecuador as more and more a venezuelan migrants are out of necessity fleeing their country they are flooding many of these towns many of these like the ones like the one you were describing pack around where the worst incident has happened on saturday are already very poor
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towns that are ill equipped to receive such a huge influx of people the brazilian government has recently sealed their northern border at the beginning of august as you were saying in your introduction they've sent troops and but they're saying that if they continue to see the numbers in the u.n. says that another two million colombians sorry business wayland's could be leaving their country. this year this situation could get completely out of control and we're seeing an increase in incidents like the one that happened on saturday in brasil and this of course worries governments here that are taking more extreme measures to try and control or stem the flow of any swelling migrants indeed and speaking of that it seems that ecuador and peru now say that the venezuelans coming across need to have passports which is a problem for many of those venezuelans we just have been using identity cards and
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that's affecting where you are in colombia where more than i would say hundreds of thousands have been crossing over in the past few months can you tell us why. yes absolutely the almost a million venezuelans have to arrive in colombia in the last two years these are the ones that have decided to stay many more are trying to cross the continent and reach in most cases people who are chile where they already have relatives where it's easier for them to find work and as you were saying a country such as ecuador and cruel and also colombia has made more stringent measures for venezuelans to come into colombia or across the country all these governments are trying to control this flow of migrants but demanding passports is not going to stop this migration migration south or east peace here in colombia and
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also international organizations are saying that this will create more problems creating a bigger crisis in these border towns in particular increasing the number of people that are crossing these countries illegally which brings another level of problems to this already very critical situation. this continent has really never seen as crises like this one we're talking about a place where for example here in colombia the internal conflict as this police millions of people but the amount of migrants that we're seeing fleeing for economic reasons in such a short amount of time is no president in here and that's why at this crisis seems to be out of control and nobody really sees a way to stop it and i stand there and be at the with a view on the situation in colombia and surrounding regions and men as well i thank
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you so much. indian authorities are worried about the outbreak of disease in the southern state of carola following the worst floods in a century of surrender the rains have eased but there are now health fears for the seven hundred twenty five thousand people who are crammed in relief camps in rescuers are also continuing efforts to reach people cut off for days many of them without food and water andrew thomas has this report. people in caroline describe the height of the water not at centimeters or inches but in debt relative to their politics ankle deep valley deep waist deep. something looking kilometers to destroy i wrote. my column and then it went off beyond my head. the ground floor was completely covered with the old are evacuated first carried
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for the boats that came for them elsewhere the water is shallow enough for trucks to drive in and. out works in and found most people want to stay at home in houses with second floors they can pass families guard because like morning i wake up they're having so much alike that in my heart boys are having walk. for free. where people remain in their homes food water medicine and toiletries are being carried in the car to simply too strong to promote on a boat like that and hope it ok it will get swept away so they certainly are going to be holding on to this rope as they walk the boat about an hour and a half in that direction this is the day and walking through fast flowing water with debris hurts hundreds of thousands of people have left their homes and now in camps statewide an unprecedented relief effort is underway india's military has
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been fifty four helicopters over carola some drop supplies others amounting rescues the weather is improving there was much less rain across carola on sunday than at the end of last week but what is already full and is fast flowing dangerous and everywhere this is an ongoing emergency. and under thomas has more from my door and carola. on sunday a large twenty two thousand people were evacuated from their hard we saw some of those evacuations where trucks can get seen by all and they're bringing large numbers of people out but in other cases there has to be posts particularly the elderly who can't get voices up in trucks they are being brought out slowly on boats and then carried once they reach the dry land. but even though you're twenty two you haven't paid for let me go back to you i just don't want to die and more than eight hundred thousand people now are living in camps that is only
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a small part of base because a much larger number of people are still staying in their homes mostly voluntarily they don't want to leave we saw many people whose ground floors of their homes were needy whites deep in water they're living up stairs they want to stay where they also the over room they get the people whose homes have been flooded they've been affected by this disaster is in the millions it really is a huge huge huge disaster in this part of india on monday the military will continue to fly helicopters in they will drop materials from those helicopters in the most remote communities and also continue with their air rescues as well although we believe that the majority of their rescues now all finished. and it's drawing it's not running at the moment it hasn't done for most of sunday and that means it will lead to levels of slowly receding so some good news there.
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the afghan government has announced a three month cease fire with taliban fighters ahead of the religious holiday as either president a shotgun who's been marking the country's independence day says he has the taliban will follow with its own cease fire violence in afghanistan has increased in recent weeks especially in the city of god me for the taliban's been fighting for control a magnitude seven point two earthquake has struck the indonesian island of lombok the u.s. geological survey says it was at a very shallow death just hours earlier another six point five magnitude quake triggered landslides on the island the tremor damaged several houses and disrupted electricity supplies the local airport and hospitals were evacuated quite high there has more details from jakarta yet another earthquake hitting the lombok island here in indonesia six point five on the richter scale in the eastern part of that small island now this island has been hit by a series of earthquakes over the last several weeks sundays doesn't appear to be
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that that damage in this earthquake triggered some landslides a mountain range in eastern long book that houses an active volcano we know that there were some landslides could be seen on local television here of some landslides around that area there assessing the possible damage to some roads around there no reports of casualties just yet now this comes just two weeks after a much stronger earthquake hit another part of the island seven point zero on the richter scale four hundred sixty people were killed on august fifth half a billion dollars worth of damage was done from that earthquake so obviously a lot of people already on edge lombok island here in indonesia again we hearing stories of panic people running out of their houses when this earthquake hit today but again right now it sounds like there's not too much damage and no reports yet of any injuries or casualties. yemen is facing the world's greatest humanitarian crisis after three and a half years of war millions of people are mobile nourished living in poverty and
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repeated bombings have damaged or destroyed water and sewage facilities increasing the spread of disease mohamed other reports from neighboring djibouti. aiden's congested streets pools of will see which is of the way heaps of garbage piled up in most neighborhoods in the city's developed publish area barefoot children trudge through human waste oblivious of the risks we face a slope that says this. we are living very hard conditions diseases are rife from cholera to diarrhea clean water is a rare commodity here above all electricity is out all the time the government has not done anything to repair the sewage system government officials refuse to move unless they're given bribes. entire neighborhoods have been flooded by sea would spill starts in some cases of contaminated water supply.
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diseases sewage garbage what on earth is this this is shameful we cannot even walk around the neighborhood and waste have flashed into our homes we are forced to scoop it out with our hands. yemen has long been the arab world's poorest country and all suffered from frequent conflicts. the current ones thought that in two thousand and fourteen when all the fighters from the most allied parts of the yemeni military stormed the couple to forcing the internationally recognized government into exile. in march two thousand and fifteen a coalition led by so did it on the united arab emirates launched a military campaign aimed at pushing back the old days and restoring the government . many coalition air strikes not only killed and wounded civilians but also damage to water and sanitation facilities the world health organization is in the middle of a company to prevent a recurrence of olive oil the destruction to human sward senate titian facilities
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has already caused a cholera epidemic which has affected more than a million people left is that you are. currently rates of contraction of cholera are still high according to the latest to sticks and infection rates across the twenty three provinces across the country is about ninety six percent in other words twenty two out of the twenty three provinces in yemen so we can say the country is playing with the epidemic which is alarming an acute shortage of food and the resulting look suisham is wallsend in what is already the world's wast humanitarian crisis the whole fish will say any father of color in the middle of the model to show crisis could intensify the situation in yemen ramadan the world does it our duty. you're watching out is there live from london and still to come on this program thousands of syrians head back home for even despite the security risks. and where in spain where the number of migrants trying to enter has spiked
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and some are using it for political mileage. however still got some rather heavy rain into southern and eastern parts of china see a fair amount of cloud in place him or big downpours then as they can be the focus for the heavy rain as we go on through the next day or so see some very heavy showers there went to hong kong into taiwan tourney somewhat dry there for shanghai at around thirty three celsius over the next couple of days out west the weather tending to ease a little further south as we go through chews day still not too far away from hong kong you notice the rain in the shower as they stand the way down towards the southwest of the country to northern parts of vietnam and the use of shells continue across
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a good part of indochina for india of course all eyes remain on karen place to say will be a less wet the rain is tending to ease as we go on through the next couple of days there will still be some showers in the forecast as monday's picture more heavy showers right up the western gas the heaviest rain will be into the central and northern plains even to i was over towards that northeastern corner you can see that's where we're going to see the the heaviest downpours by the time we come to choose the southern areas yes we'll still see a few showers the northern parts of kerala could see some heavy right but it is going to turn less wet and less windy in the coming days. the philippines is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. now private corporations are capitalizing on the chaos. when east investigates on al-jazeera. cheering
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a moment in time. snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's well. al-jazeera. hello again here's a reminder of our top stories and al-jazeera brazil is sending troops to its border with venezuela after hundreds of migrants were run out of town by locals dozens of brazilians attacked two makeshift camps and. indian authorities are worried about the outbreak of disease in the southern state of carola following the worst floods in a century seven hundred twenty five thousand people are crammed into relief camps.
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and the afghan government has announced a three month cease fire with taliban fighters ahead of the religious holiday of. emergency workers in italy are trying to secure what's left of the bridge in genoa that collapsed on tuesday forty three people died in the disaster and rescue workers say no one else is missing well thousands of bridges and tunnels are being structurally assessed across italy they've achieved or has this report from the bone and several in a province. a consumer association report which was published just two days after the general of bridge collapse says that there are twenty two bridges on the italian network that needs serious made since work because they're showing signs of structural damage now i'm under one of those bridges that was mentioned in that report now just to take a look up underneath this span and you can see what's happening there is a series of water leaks coming through corroding the metal and what they've done
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here is they've stayed pulled a piece of wood between two of the cracks to try and hold it together that seems extraordinary that doesn't seem to be the sort of maintenance we need on this motorway which is on the main drag between genoa and children so it does appear this bridge is only twenty years old it does appear that there is a serious problem with the quality of cement that's being used and it's not only here in italy that there are problems but the french government of just published an audit they commissioned on the state of french bridges and motorways and they say that there are eight hundred forty bridges in france that are showing serious signs of still of structural deterioration and might indeed in the end collapse much like the whole genoa tragedy so this seems to be a problem that is throughout both italy and france and needs serious attention
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the number by cohens trying to reach the southern coast of spain from north africa has tripled this year the increase has put pressure on rescue services and feel political debate on how to handle the situation karl penhall has this report from the spanish port city of us. exhausted but happy almost three hundred refugees and migrants rescued after setting out from the rock over in baba rafts and spending the day adrift. this is the southern spanish port of the his cirrus most are from west africa including guinea ivory coast and mali the youngest is just a month old. this mother tells me she's hungry already missing the taste of tapioca and fish from home twenty three year old has only arrived in spain two months ago he was an opposition party youth organizer in guinea canakkale for told as he fled
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to escape arrest he crossed from morocco in a dinghy like this packed with fifty others paying as much as four thousand euros each. i couldn't turn back the arabs forced to suborn with machetes at one point the engine gave out and i saw death before me i ask god to pardon me it was the worst moment of my life it was a catastrophe. a spanish in geo pays has sounds board and lodging until his political asylum request is processed. did vassal give to my african brothers is that crossing the mediterranean is because people don't risk your lives but hope for a better future is a powerful magnet standing here helps put things in a lot better perspective this just fifteen kilometers of c. that separates spain from the north coast of africa and if you're standing over there europe must look like a dream that you can almost touch. at city hall who say ignacio land the loosening
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of the opposition people's party says the surge in migrant arrivals has become a crisis you cannot divorce so if you tell you that we don't have sufficient aid to help all of africa and we don't have enough capacity to receive all those who want to come we have to use our heads because the budget simply is not fake enough human rights activists say the people's party is scaremongering. back at the port it's after midnight hundreds more are still arriving. a sick woman is stretchered off some huddle under red cross blankets and wait to be brave just stood up. and a baby cries for his mother he hasn't yet realized he's in safe hands called pedal i just zero his c.d.'s spain. syrian government troops are reinforcing their positions around the last rebel held province in the country the u.n.
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is warning that a government offensive in the northern province would put three million people in danger but that hasn't stopped refugees in turkey from crossing the border back into syria for even seen him cause he also has more. well the muslims for repair for the most important feast in the muslim calendar that it's not the same situation in the i.d.p. refugee camps in northern syria by the turkish border here in the camp and we have been speaking to people how they are preparing for the east and what are their expectations from the ether when you speak to women they say that they're horrible they're desperate and they say they don't feel whether it's a fish so not because they don't have family members only relatives around here they don't have anyone to visit and we asked them what whether they said they sacrifice they sacrifice an animal as a performing the religious duty to share with others and they say there is no one who performs this duty to sacrifice animals so it to me is they don't eat meat and
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i ask them how often they eat meat and they say it's very very little during a year the nutrition is very bad here as well as the dire conditions infrastructure and basic facilities and services and people here are hopeless because they are stuck by the turkish border the doors are closed and bashar assad is threatening to bomb them despite their relatives are coming from turkey to here wrong. crossing to visit them this is not even enough to make them happy they are desperate. shape are slaughtered as part of the traditional sacrifice but in libya a huge jump in the price of sheep means that many contra for to take part from tripoli mom with a bow my head has this report. it is lamb season in libya like all the muslim countries. mr feldman hurries to guarantee one for his family.
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his making sure it is old enough to secure finds during the holiday. he says it used to be affordable to buy a sheep that weighs forty kilogram but now prices are very haunting image or know it took us months to save the land price in fact many people can't even afford to buy one this year is worse than the previous years banks are struggling with a shortage of currency and people queue up for long hours to cash their de lay cherries some lim traders are even accepting checks and credit cards but they often charge high interest trades sheep markets are everywhere in libya these days but yet the prices are very high and average land here is valued at around seven hundred dollars that's largely because during the last three years the
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libyan d.n.r. has lost much of its value. oil exports are the backbone of libya's income but fighting in the east has led to the blockade of four major oil ports for almost forty years that has wasted more than one hundred billion dollars according to estimates this in through the bank of libya has approved around one hundred million dollars to import plans but because this decision was made late civil shipments have not arrived on time for the holy day but there were no maché for a forward when your first state does not care about domestic livestock sheep have been smuggled to egypt and tunisia we can't be blamed for the high prices of the prices of water we buy has increased your hundred percent libya is rich in natural resources experts say it can grow more than its share of livestock but many
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here say mismanagement and corruption force them to compromise even on the religious obligations. tripoli. that crazy rich asians has raked in thirty four million dollars in box office sales in just five days the film tells the story of an asian american women who get swept up in the glamorous world of the chinese elite but it's all asians cost it's now signaling a massive change for the hollywood industry which has come under fire in the past for white washing roles and failing to represent minorities rob reynolds has this report from hollywood. a gala opening night for a movie that's breaking barriers. the romantic comedy crazy rich asians is the first major hollywood film in a quarter century with an all asian can just director and executive producer we all recognize the significance but to be honest right now it's on talk radio i feel
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nothing but excitement. the actors maybe asian but the movie's themes are universal family love and money to kids the biggest two pound person on the scene crazy rich asians is based on the bestselling novel by kevin kwan who produced the film you know i think it's important to acknowledge that it's been way too long since we've had an all star asian cast member and a hollywood sort of movie about the same time this is a movie for everyone lori nakamura has already seen the film once and she's back with friends for a second viewing it's a wacky brahm com but i think at the same time it's also showing and asians in normal situations just like everybody else crazy rich asians is in a way a repudiation of hollywood sad history of racist and stereotype depictions of asians in film. from the exploitative kung fu flicks of the seventy's and eighty's almost like he was the
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link of oh you can go to mickey rooney's performance in breakfast at tiffany's asians have been denigrated and asian actors. still for a leading role. according to a recent study only about five percent of hollywood movie parts go to asian actors like laura condom or just really seems that there are a lot of character parts out for ethnic you know are people of color but there weren't a lot of leading roles but sure the hoopla over crazy rich asians is box office hype the idea that an all asian chest is some sort of novelty glosses over the historic achievements of japanese korean and thais cinema among others but coming after recent films like the superhero hit black answer and the charming animated feature coco crazy rich asian seems to be part of a long overdue trend i feel like we are seeing a sea change though
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a lot of these americans have come out of screenings they have this this it is like this urge to cry and they don't know exactly why this movie is for that crazy rich asians will open in theaters worldwide in august and september robert oulds al jazeera hollywood. hello again these are the top stories and they're resilient sending troops to its border the venezuela after hundreds of migrants were run out of town by locals thousands of brazilians attacked to make shift camps and. where at least a thousand venezuelans have been living presidents say the violence began up to several migrants robbed a local shop owner tens of thousands of venezuelans have fled to brazil in the past three years to escape economic and political crisis bachata. alexander of the n.t. is following the story from bogota in colombia. earlier that the situation seems to
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be getting out of control in many of these border crossings in colombia breath video and also now in ecuador as more and more venezuelan migrants are out of necessity fleeing their country they are flooding many of these towns. indian authorities are worried about the outbreak of disease in the southern state of carola following the worst floods in a century the torrential rains have eased but there are now health fears for the seven hundred twenty five thousand people crammed in relief camps in rescuers are also continuing efforts to reach people cut off for days many without food and water the afghan government has announced a three month cease fire with taliban fighters ahead of the religious holiday of eads president ashraf ghani has been making marking the country's independence day says he hopes the taleban follows visits own cease fire. a six point five magnitude
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earthquake has triggered landslides on the indonesian island of lombok the tremor damaged several houses and disrupted electricity supplies there have been several earthquakes on the island over the past few weeks more than four hundred sixty people were killed in a magnitude seven quake on august fifth and emergency workers and it's really are trying to secure what's left of the bridge in genoa that collapsed on tuesday forty three people died in that disaster the government says it's planning to launch a plan aimed at making its lease infrastructure safe and millions of muslims around the world are traveling home for eads syrian refugees are among them with thousands making their way through turkey's bob crossing one on one east is next.
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across the philippines sadly nature's fury is a part of life and death. floods earthquakes and typhoon ravaged this nation with terrifying frequency. but amid the chaos and devastation some of the country's largest corporations are finding golden opportunities to problems from the misery. and steve check out on this edition of one east we investigate the rise of disaster capitalism in the philippines.
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the philippine island of leyte is no stranger to catastrophe.


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